Industrial Designer
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Faraday Future



Interior parts and vehicle key design. (Internship 2016)

During my time at the early stages of Faraday Future, I was able to work on physical user experience parts for the interior of the vehicle (A/C vent design, window and side console controls, physical buttons on interface) as well as the vehicle's key and developed a user adaptive experience strategy. The design strategy and ID intent was to create a personalized experience while continuing the design language from the exterior to the interior assets.

(more images coming soon as they get released to the public)

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Designed and built out prototypes for the interior door control (window switches, air vents). The challenge was to integrate the functionality while also involving the exterior design language.


The interface was designed to evolve and be customized per the driver’s driving style and preferences. The idea was to create a personalized access experience that goes beyond just the car key and opening a door.