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Lighting system for Mars exploration


A study of a childhood toy. (In progress)

Armatron was one of my favorite toys growing up. Looking back on it now, it really shaped the way I looked at toys growing up. Although this toy was a very basic object that really didn’t have an objective or difficult puzzles to figure out, I still spent hours playing with it. It forced me to learn and question how things work which lead to me taking apart almost all the toys I owned. I wanted to look back at this toy and dissect and hopefully update this toy for the present.

armatron box.jpg

Understanding the basics

For me to better understand this toy, I went back and remodeled it. This process lead to really combing through the parts and the form language. As I started modeling it out, I started to wonder why choose this type of color, these shapes and details. I started to catalog those questions and answers which will hopefully give me insight on how to redesign this object without losing its vintage feel and form.


Breaking down the research(Coming Soon)