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Plant powered air purifier

Plant powered air purifier



Plant powered air purifier. (2016)

SOL is an air purifier that also acts as a pot for a plant. Instead of ugly wires and lights taking away from a room, SOL cleans the air without the user knowing. SOL uses aspects of the plant to power, clean and maintain the air purifying system.


The current marketplace

The current air purifiers are over designed and stick out when placed in a room. The bright lights and aggressive form of air purifiers take away from a person's home. People should not have to sacrifice clean air for a clean looking home.



Discreet & Symbiotic

SOL was designed to discreetly clean the air without looking like anything more than a potted plant. All the actions in plant care double as ways to maintain, clean and power the air purifying system.


Designing Sol

One of the struggles of designing SOL was to try and develop a visually pleasing product but to also not take attention away from a room. Additionally, housing all the internal working parts was a challenge because the form also had to be designed for proper plant growth. 

sol sketches.jpg

How SOL works

SOL was designed so that the user would never have to worry about dealing with an air purifier. Instead, simple plant care doubles as ways to care for the air purifying system as well.


Blending in a room

SOL's form is dictated by being a subtle addition to a home while also serving as a proper container for good plant growth.