Industrial Designer




Medical tracking and information application. (2018 Work in progress)

This project is a satirical take on medical information tracking. Although hilarious, poop can be a great way to inform the body about their health, habits, and sicknesses. Using humor and game-like interactions, information can be tracked and delievered while having fun and having a laugh.


Hierarchy of information

The level of medical information is given at 3 different levels. This allows the user to take in simple information without being overwhelmed with data. The user is given the option to be able to choose what level of information they receive instead of being forced. 

poo levels.jpg

Something serious

The tracking of bowel movements can help determine health issues like lifestyle habits and dietary ailments. Simple things like consistency and color can help point to issues like allergies, ailments and other bodily problems.

poo levels2.jpg

Developing imagery and icons

The application gives the user the ability to create their poop in a digital format. Different combinations of shapes, colors, and consistencies need to be created. 


Creating flow and wire frames

The flow of the app aims to be simple and lacking any extra screens or interactions. The simplicity is to make sure information is absorbed quickly and the attention level is kept throughout the interaction.

Poo Sketch2.jpg